Our recruiting team at Vertex is committed to understanding your specific industry in order to meet your exact needs. We recognize the important role our people play to ensure continued business success. We also realize that quality relationships with our consultants are key to supporting them through the changing demands of the global marketplace. This creates a three part equation that aligns our goals with yours. The outcome is one that promotes quality, consistency, and the ability to react instantly to your most critical needs.

Vertex Advantages:

  • Save Time & Money by outsourcing your staffing needs to an industry expert.
  • Niche Recruiting. Our strategic focus on your industry gives us access to the most talented professionals in the marketplace.
  • Workforce Flexibility allows your company to react to cyclical business flow or project demands.
  • Improve workforce productivity by implementing staffing solutions that are custom fit in partnership with you.
  • Our talent management solutions ensure that our consultants are performing at the highest level possible.