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Does it cost me anything to work with Vertex?
There are NO fees for you, the job seeker. Only opportunities with some of the best companies in the market.

Why should I use Vertex to find my next position instead of responding to job postings and advertisements?
Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals and it is likely that your resume won’t get the attention it needs. Our team of account managers submits your resume for positions not advertised to the general public. We will personally place your resume in the hiring managers hands to ensure it receives the attention it deserves. This way you go to the front of the line instead of the bottom of the pile.

Does Vertex only place contractors?
NO. Vertex also specializes in contract-to-hire and direct placement positions.

What happens to my resume once I submit it to Vertex?
You should receive correspondence from a technical recruiter specializing in the types of positions you are looking for. An interview will be scheduled to go over your background, your job search criteria and a marketing plan will be customized to meet your specific needs. The technical recruiter will be your main point of contact throughout your relationship with Vertex.

Will my resume be sent out to potential companies without my knowledge?
Absolutely not. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. Your technical recruiter will discuss the job description, location, work environment and any applicable information with you before sending your resume to any of our client companies.

When on contract, who is my employer?
Vertex is your employer and will provide weekly paychecks and benefits to our consultants. If you have concerns about your assignment please contact your technical recruiter.

I am interested in finding a new position but I do not want my current employer to find out.
How is that handled?
At Vertex, we are used to handling your situation in a very discreet manner. At our initial meeting, we will discuss what method of communication would work best for you. A unique marketing plan will then be set specific to your needs and requirements.

My contract is ending and I need to start looking for another. Who do I contact?
Please contact your assigned recruiter as early as 4-6 weeks before your assignment is due to end.

How long does it take to find an assignment?
The length of time varies greatly depending on your skills and current market conditions. After meeting with a technical recruiter and evaluating your skills and needs, the process can be very fast. Specialized skills, location preference, requirements, rates and the market can extend this period of time.